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The Electric Virgin - feature film. Producer: Javier Gonzalez & Andrea Miller. Rebecca Naomi Jones (Genius: Aretha,
The Big Sick, Ordinary World
) and Colin Donnell (Chicago Med, The Affair, Pan Am) are attached to play the leads. The screenplay was a finalist for the 2017 Tribeca Film Institute Sloan Film Foundation Award and won Best Screenplay at The Moondance Film Festival in 2018. Selected for Stowe Writers Lab in June 2021. Currently in development for a 2021 shoot in New York City.

A couple struggling with infertility are about to split up. A Black Madonna statue appears in their garden bringing renewed hope. But it might take more than a miracle. A comedy about discovering the divine feminine in the least likely of places, a Brooklyn backyard.

Hotel Utopia - (work in progress). Television Series/Theater Project. Developed at Catwalk Residency in winter 2019. While there are many who would say of New York City, Paris and London in the 70’s and 80’s, that “those were the days”, there are many others who would say they were not. Both are right. This is a story of a time, slowing receding in memory, when the anarchic spirit thrived before the gentrification of the 1990s took over. A haven for artists and misfits, Hotel Utopia centers on an inter-generational group of characters, whose lives collide as they come to define a new sense of community enroute to redefining themselves.