"An Ode To A Cemetery" is a distillation of images filmed over numerous years at Green-wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.  The music track,"Spring Frost", is by Brian Eno and Roger Eno, from the album "Mixing Colors" (2020). Due to the covid 19 pandemic, the subject of mortality and nature has become more consequential for me this past year.

Green-wood is home to the grave sites of many notable people. However, I chose not to concentrate on this aspect of the cemetery, but rather the overall sense of the cemetery as a refuge, a verdant oasis for contemplation during this time of grieving and transformation.

This "rural cemetary" designed in 1838  by David Bates Douglass was a move to create cemeteries away from the crowded cities and rampant 19th urbanization. It is unique for its varied topography, and while non-sectarian, it's Victorian graveyard iconography is evident throughout.

Death has been inescapable in both the news and our daily lives. The view of the cemetery from my apartment window, and the many walks through it, during varied seasons, inspired reflection -- including memories of loss and hope. I considered my own mortality, as I filtered the natural beauty and solitude in this contemplative work about the transience of life.

© 2020 Bethany Jacobson